What is Paperchain?

Paperchain is a webapp designed to celebrate and encourage daily creativity. It’s an online community where photographers, artists and doodlers can share their responses to a common Chain and develop a creative habit- one day at a time. It can be accessed on smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

How does it work?

  • Read the Chain

    Read the Chain

    Join paperchain and receive a fresh creative Chain in your inbox every day
  • Sketch and respond to the Chain

    Sketch, Paint, Snap...

    Create your unique response to the Chain and upload it before the 24 hour countdown passes.
  • Share your creation with others

    Share the results

    See everyone's responses. Share, comment and develop a daily creative habit.

What is a Chain?

Chains are creative challenges which are posted on the homepage every day. Chains are up to 70 characters in length and can be a single words or more complex instructions or obstructions (e.g. draw something with your non-dominant hand or use limited colours). Paperchain members read the Chain and upload images in response. Each Chains is active for 24 hours. When the timer expires at 00:00 UTC it is replaced with a new Chain. Chains are written by paperchain members. You can Write a Chain or see some examples and Vote for your favourite. The Chain with the highest number of votes each day becomes the next active Chain.

What can I upload?

Once you sign up to the site you can upload one image in response to each Chain. You can interpret the Chain freely but the image should be a drawing, painting, photograph etc. created by you in the last 24 hours. You will find a timer below the Chain- you must upload your image before this timer expires. All uploaded images will be displayed on the Public feed at 00:00 UTC each day and your image will also be added to your ME / Gallery page. You own the rights to your images but when you upload an image to the site you grant us a license to display it– learn more in our Terms of Service. Please don’t upload images you don’t own the copyright to or images that do not follow our Community Guidelines- we will have to remove them.

Be inspired

What else can I do?

You can View images uploaded by other members. Like images and leave Comments. Personalise your Profile page. Track your performance by Week / Month / Year or review all of your images in your Gallery.

What’s in it for me?

Keeping a daily sketch book is an excellent way to sharpen your communication skills and keep your brain in shape. However it’s often difficult to find the motivation and sometimes inspiration fails to show up. Paperchain helps you develop a creative habit by serving up a new Chain every 24 hours, providing you with feedback and inspiration from other members and helping you track your progress day by day. So why not beat procrastination and perfectionism and upload your first image today.

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions you can Contact Us.